Following Baby Q’s Lead

The best thing a pediatrician ever said to me was to follow my children’s interests. He said to pay close attention to what piques their interests and then immerse them in as much information and related experiences as those little sponge brains can absorb! In my house, that extends to what I am sewing for them!… Read more »

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Part 2: Building a Pirate Ship!

Hey all!  I see the Pirate Ship blog yesterday was popular. Something about Pirates. The masts and rigging are much easier to make than I thought it would be. Okay, onward. The key to the masts is the wood plinth blocks I glued to the cardboard to hold the tie downs that clipped to the… Read more »

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A Submarine With a View

Hi, Friends! I’m so glad you are here. Check out an updated version of this project and post here! And thank you for stopping by! ~~~~~~~~~~ “So we have an ocean that we plan to fill with LOTS of sea life. And it looks like we’re going to need a way to motor around and see… Read more »

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