Life: Ups & Downs, and Sideways, too

What If You Could Change the World . . .

Cape Elizabeth, Maine – What if you could change the world? What if you listened to the questions that bounce around your brain? What if answering those questions changed life for nearly every person on the planet? What if you hit roadblocks along the way? What if you didn’t give up but took a new… Read more »

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Toys They’ll Play with 365 days a Year!

Cape Elizabeth, Maine -It is a huge bummer when you spend good money on a toy that gets played with once. Huge. Expensive. Bummer. But fear not, my friends. Here is a list of toys that your kids will actually play with 365 days a year. These super toys do exist. Out of all the toys in… Read more »

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Tales from the Trenches: My in-library Mommy FAIL

Ever read a blog post that just stops you in your tracks? That’s how I felt when when I read a post from Children’s book author and former teacher, Cynthia Lord.  I didn’t even make it to the last word before I shouted out “Amen!” And then I spread her gospel on Twitter. It was that … Read more »

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