Courage Like Kate: The True Story of A Girl Lighthouse Keeper

If a storm was raging, waves crashing, temperatures dipping– and you heard a cry for help somewhere at at sea, what would you do? For Kate Moore, then answer was clear—whatever was required to save a life. Her journey as a lighthouse keeper began at age twelve in the 1800’s!

Award winning author Anna Crowley Redding and award winning illustrator Emily Sutton bring us the inspiring and beautifully illustrated picture book biography that recounts the courageous life of Kate Moore, a twelve-year-old lighthouse keeper in the 19th century who saved the lives of twenty-three sailors.

Lighthouse Cover for Courage Like Kate

Credit: Emily Sutton

With an evocative text and stunning illustrations, travel back to the stormy, rocky shores of 19th century Connecticut and meet an unforgettable heroine– at a time when girls were considered anything but. Fayerweather Island had seen blustery blizzards and rip-roaring tides, but it had never seen a pint-sized hurricane until Kate Moore claimed that tiny island as her own. Little Kate was supposed to be the lighthouse keeper’s daughter, but she thought of herself as Papa’s assistant.

The thirty-three spiraling lighthouse stairs finally took a toll on Papa’s body, and so twelve-year-old Kate stepped up. Over the years, she kept the flame lit to guide ships to safety, listened for cries for help, and, time and again, pulled men to safety—twenty-three of them in all. This girl-power picture book introduces a small heroine, who, with her can-do attitude and incredible spirit, is sure to inspire.

Educators’ Guide for Courage Like Kate

Educators, if you are looking for activities to bring this book to life in your home, classroom, or library, click below for a packet full of writing, storytelling, art, and STEM activities that are Common Core and NGSS aligned. Enjoy!

Educators’ Guide for Courage Like Kate