Google It

ON SALE NOW! Anna Crowley Redding’s debut young adult nonfiction Google It What if you could change the world with a couple of big ideas, a hefty school assignment, and a pile of Legos? GOOGLE IT explores the extraordinary tale of Larry Page and Sergey Brin as they started one of the world’s most innovative companies… in their college dorm. GOOGLE IT is a story about moonshots, a leap of faith to redefine the way we operate in this world, and a sneak peek at where Google will take us next. AVAILABLE for pre-order NOW!

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Praise for Google It: A History of Google

“Investigative journalist Redding does an admirable job of chronicling Larry and Sergey’s amazing successes and will inspire young people to follow in their ingenious footsteps. It’s more comprehensive than other books for young readers about Google’s founders, with energetically written short chapters, interesting facts, graphics, and photos” ―Booklist, starred review

“This readable and breezy history of the tech behemoth [is] An appealing and timely look at a universally relevant subject and a good fit for STEAM-related reading lists.” ―School Library Journal

“This chronological history of the first two decades of Google is attractively packaged to appeal to a teen audience. … Humorous accounts of Google’s unpretentious beginnings as a student project, and its early years as a bare-bones startup in a friend’s garage will intrigue teens who dream of growing their own projects into software and devices used by millions.” ― VOYA