Camp Covid: Day #2 Chocolate To The Rescue!

Rainbow drawing for seniors

Friends, you know when you are stuffing your face with chocolate by mid-morning, things might be getting intense!  Eats Chocolate. Moves on. Here’s what went right today! The boys made drawings to send to local nursing homes. The idea came from an awesome Facebook post floating around. With our nursing homes in lockdown mode, so… Read more »

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Camp Covid: How We Survived Our First Day of Remote Learning

Breakfast Lab: Pancakes

Hello Dear Friends and Readers! Day #1 of our Camp Covid is officially in the books. Here’s the cold hard truth. It was not without tears and frustration, but it also came with some incredible moments. We are making our way and hopefully tomorrow, we’ll feel a little more settled in to our new normal. I… Read more »

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COVER REVEAL!!!! Rescuing the Declaration of Independence

Rescuing the Declaration of Independence

Oh, friends! I am so happy to reveal the cover of my debut picture book: Rescuing the Declaration of Independence: How we almost lost the words that built America. This is the harrowing tale of a long-forgotten hero: Stephen Pleasonton. And without this brave soul, we would’ve lost the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution,… Read more »

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Raphael Geroni: The life and times of a super talented book designer (Part Two of Our Inspiring Conversation)

Today, we are continuing our conversation about book design with Raphael Geroni. Raphael is the incredibly talented designer who designed both of my books. Elon Musk: A Mission to Save the World and my first book Google It: A History of Google (How Two Students’ Quest to Organize the Internet Changed the World.) Not only do book designers take on the… Read more »

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