Camp COVID: Time Travel (Or Virtual Spring Break in the time of Corona)

Good Night Baddies

Hello, friends! This week is officially Spring Break. While we aren’t actually traveling anywhere and our schools are taking a break from remote learning… we are taking a super-duper, virtual, time-traveling vacation that I think will be fun! When my boys were toddlers, their pediatrician gave me some golden advice: follow the kids’ interests and give… Read more »

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Camp COVID: Art Therapy and Dolly Parton? Exactly What We Need!

Grumpy Frog

Friends, I’m so excited to share what we’ve been up to with you because it’s EASY, it’s CALMING, it’s ENGROSSING, and we loved it. You may have noticed that many children’s book illustrators are offering art tutorials for FREE. This is an exciting development! My 2nd grader and I grabbed some paper and markers. We… Read more »

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