Sneak Peek! An Early Look at One Girl’s Remarkable Heroism

Black Rock Lighthouse

A photo I took while visiting the lighthouse cared for by little girl lighthouse keeper Kate Moore!

Want inspiration? Meet Kate Moore. She lived in the 1800’s and when her father was no longer physically able to do his job, Kate took over—-and became a lighthouse keeper—at age 12! She would go on to save twenty three lives.

I’ve been researching her life for the last seven years. I mean digging through historical records, census records, historic maps, reading her daily lighthouse log and scouring old newspapers for any mention of her, and visiting her lighthouse on a sliver of sandy rock on the Connecticut coast! I have enjoyed very second of it!

Research for Nonfiction picture book

Children’s Author Anna Crowley Redding examines Kate Moore’s lighthouse keeper’s log in Bridgeport, CT at the public library.

Next year, my nonfiction picture book COURAGE LIKE KATE will be published by Penguin Random House.

As you are reading this, the very brilliant Emily Sutton is bringing Kate’s story to life with stunning illustrations!

The illustration process begins with tons of research and then black and white sketches. Once the illustrator and art director have settled on the composition and feel of every page, then Emily will create the final full color art. And her use of color is swoon worthy!

Here is an exciting first look at one of the black and white sketches of COURAGE LIKE KATE!

COURAGE LIKE KATE: initial sketch

An initial black and and white sketch by illustrator Emily Sutton for our book COURAGE LIKE KATE

You are going to love getting to know Kate Moore. She has so much to teach us all about perseverance, commitment, taking care of each other. She was a truly fascinating person. COURAGE LIKE KATE will be out in 2022! I’ll keep you updated on our progress right here. Be sure not to miss an update by signing up for my newsletter! And in the meantime, need something to read? Check out my latest releases here.

Friends, thank you for stopping by. I love sharing this journey with you!