Super Fun Book News: Book Trailer, Read Aloud, and Good News Galore

Hello Readers!

When good news happens these days, like during week NINE of our stay-at-home pandemic journey–yes, when good news happens these days, we are shouting it from the mountain tops because we need every single triumph and success we can get right now! So let’s do some happy dancing. Plus, if you have kids or students who are reading my newest book, Rescuing the Declaration of Independence: How we Almost Lost the Words That Built America, I’ve curated an awesome collection of activities to go with Stephen Pleasonton’s incredible tale of heroism! I’ve got all the details for you below.

Okay, I am so very excited to show you my Book Trailer: Rescuing the Declaration of Independence on my brand new YouTube Channel! This book trailer is so exciting that if you have young readers who are on the fence about sinking their teeth into U.S. history, show them this trailer. It conveys the danger and excitement this epic quest required to save our treasured documents from British torches! I promise! I’m looking forward to adding more videos to my YouTube channel and hope you will subscribe. 

Anna Crowley Redding YouTube channel

Okay, I’m also thrilled to tell you that if you are looking for a free and convenient read aloud for your sweet peas, search no further! Harper Collins posted a Fireside Storytime of me reading Rescuing the Declaration! Thank you, Harper Collins.

Now if you are looking for fun crafts, U.S. history lesson plans, and virtual field trips that pair perfectly with my book, I’ve curated an awesome collection of them here on my Pinterest page. From virtually signing the Declaration of Independence to activities that teach your readers how to stand up for what they believe in and more, I’ve got you covered! Plus, picture book author Vivian Kirkfield had me as a guest on her blog. On her site, you’ll find an interview, a review of the book, and a craft for parchment making! Thank you, Vivian!

Last but not least, I want to tell you some reviews are in and have blown my mind! The School Library Journal says “this picture book is a unique tale of heroism by an ordinary and relatively unknown clerk. A welcome addition to history shelves.” Right!? Those words made me . . . re-read to be sure that’s what they said. Swoon. Collapse. Travel back in time to tell the me that was writing version six of twenty five of this story! You can read the full review here.

Special thanks to the Missouri Association of School Librarians for welcoming a panel of us debut picture authors to discuss the exciting world of Nonfiction for kids! And a shout out to journalist Rob Caldwell for his television piece on my new book! 

Now that’s a lot of good news. And, friends, none of it would be possible without your support. Thank you!


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