Camp COVID: Art Therapy and Dolly Parton? Exactly What We Need!

Art Therapy

Friends, I’m so excited to share what we’ve been up to with you because it’s EASY, it’s CALMING, it’s ENGROSSING, and we loved it. You may have noticed that many children’s book illustrators are offering art tutorials for FREE. This is an exciting development!

My 2nd grader and I grabbed some paper and markers. We set up the laptop and we logged on here to take an art lesson from Grumpy Frog creator Ed Vere. That’s when pure magic happened.  Ed has a very calming way of explaining what to do and how to do it. But he also does something else… he asks questions while he’s teaching. “Why is your frog grumpy?” That simple question allowed my little guy and me the chance to talk about our frogs’ feelings. Mine was sick of quarantine. My son’s frog was sick of not seeing his friends. A great way for us to open up without a Spanish Inquisition experience.

Grumpy Frog

Grumpy Frog Art lesson by Ed Vere

We were calm. We were quiet. When we talked at all, we shared what we were feeling. Win. Win. Win.

Our Grumpy Artwork

As far as this photo goes… I edited out my messy house, the fact that I was still wearing PJs, and my son’s handsome face to protect his privacy… just in case you were wondering : ) Also nothing hides nail polish remnants.

Next we took a silent art lesson from Matt Tavares. (If you have not read his best-selling book Dasher, I do NOT know what you are waiting for.) Matt’s approach is to set up a camera above his sketch pad and let us follow along as he draws a cardinal. We paused the video after every step so we could go at our own pace. My son and I LOVED it. We dedicated our artwork to each other!

What a great day. PLUS, tonight Dolly Parton is reading a bedtime story at 7pm. It’s part of a 10-week series, on her Imagination Library’s YouTube Channel I will listen every week. Every. Week. Oh, and I’ll let the kids listen, too! (As long they do not talk over her, because Friends, I will NOT stand for that!)

One day at a time, my friends, one day at a time!


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Rescuing the Declaration of Independence: How We Almost Lost the Words that Built America

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