Camp COVID: The Power of Blank Spaces, Problem Solving, and Seeds

Fresh air and cuddlesToday was hard. Not going to sugar coat it. It was like that time when I was pregnant and realized that I was actually going to have to give birth. Terror. It’s dawning on me now that no one know when the kids will be back in school. No one knows when life will be “normal” again or what “normal” will even look like. So friends, I mention this so that if you are having moments when the full reality of the situation is sinking in, you are most definitely not alone. We are all in this together.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get to what went right today.

You might guess that having written two nonfiction books on STEM topics, Elon Musk: A Mission to Save the World and Google It: A History of Google, I love science. So, this morning SpaceX’s LIVE rocket launch was must see TV in my living room!

SpaceX Rocket Launch


The SpaceX engineers do an awesome job of explaining what’s happening and all the STEM behind it. Kids will learn vocabulary like telemetry, MaxQ, lower Earth orbit (LEO), and more. SpaceX employees also talk about what problems they are trying to tackle and why, detailing what’s going right and what’s not. These broadcasts are free and a great teaching resource for all ages.

To make sure that I don’t miss any rocket launch on the planet, I have a great App, Next Spaceflight. The App gives you launch times and lets you know how to watch.

TIP: If you miss a SpaceX launch, you can always log on to watch the replay. And I have to say, in addition to the STEM aspect, watching a rocket launch reignites my awe of human beings’ ability to solve incredibly difficult problems. That feeling of wonder is a welcome one during tough times!

Today, we also tapped in to children’s author and illustrator¬†Jarrett Lerner’s free “Finish this Comic” downloads. So fun! Plus the idea of filling in blank spaces any way you want, that is down right freeing. Give it a try : )

Finish This Comic

Last but not least, in addition to a ton of fresh air today, we also planted seeds which felt hopeful.

Sunflower Seeds

Tiny seeds that will grow into giant sunflowers. This will give us something to tend over the weeks to come.

Planting Sunflower Seeds


Okay, I’ll leave you with that thought… planting seeds for sunnier days ahead!

Stay strong, friends!




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