Camp Covid: Day #2 Chocolate To The Rescue!

Mint Filled Chocolate with Sea Salt

Friends, you know when you are stuffing your face with chocolate by mid-morning, things might be getting intense!  Eats Chocolate. Moves on.

Here’s what went right today! The boys made drawings to send to local nursing homes. The idea came from an awesome Facebook post floating around. With our nursing homes in lockdown mode, so many of our elderly are not able to receive visitors. Maybe the drawings will cheer them up and let our seniors know how much we are thinking of them.

Rainbow drawing for seniors


IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Right now Veterans’ home and nursing homes may not be able to accept items sent in from our children. So, I called our local homes and worked it out so that we can e-mail the drawings. So I strongly encourage you to do the same! That way, they can be printed out at their facility and handed out to the residents who need some cheering up!

Drawings for nursing homes


This activity helped all of us focus outward today and touch other people’s lives which made us feel better!

Today’s Cooking Lab: So Instead of mom cooking all the meals and serving them up, we are using mealtime as part of our homeschool. It hits key academic areas including math (measuring and time), writing (starting a recipe book) and it’s also a great sensory activity.

Recipe Book

The best part is watching the kids become increasingly independent with every meal. That makes me feel great!

Today, the boys made Tuna Melts with Tomato soup!

Cooking Lab Tuna Melts

The kids learned to make a rustic Apple Galette.

Making an Apple Galette

Rolling out a pie crust, sprinkling it with sugar, fanning out apple slices, folding up the outer edge into picturesque petals. Beautiful and delicious!

Finished Apple Galette

Want to try it? Here’s a recipe for one with a homemade crust and a drizzle of caramel!

Okay, onward we go, friends. Hope these ideas are helping. Glad to make this journey with you.


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