Welcome to Camp Covid (What I’m Doing to Get My Kids Through the Covid Crisis! And Ideas for YOU, Too!)

Camp Covid Starts Now

I don’t know about you, but Covid-19 is changing things in our community quickly. For starters, school will be closed for the next two weeks at least. So I find myself plunged into the deep end of homeschooling while working from home full time. It’s a deeply unsettling time for us grown ups from worry about our loved ones to financial worries, health and safety concerns, and the uncertainty of not knowing how this is going to play out or when it will come to an end.  The sheer amount of worries ringing our pillows at bedtime- –  is difficult to grasp.

So much of it isn’t knowable or solvable right now.

But this much I do know. The calming power of a schedule. And I’m sharing mine with you to make as your own.

The other thing I know, this event will be the one our children will be asked about for the rest of their lives, just likes folks who survived the Great Depression. So to the best of my ability, I want this to be a time to about pulling them close, having open dialogue about feelings, and trying to create some wonderful memories even while some very serious things are happening in our community and around the world.

And helping those less fortunate than ourselves, because for people working two and three jobs, with no childcare, and no support to feed their families, they need the arms of their community reaching out!

A friend of mine for the last twenty four years lives in Italy with her family. I’m hearing first hand just how bad it is, how scary, how heartbreaking. This is my defense: keeping the kids on track with their school work, steeping our activities in fresh air and creativity, and creating a journal they can one day share with their own kids, and helping others along the way.

Here’s my recipe one more time: schedule, share, fresh air, creativity, lots of love and a focus on helping others.

To kick things off, Camp Covid 2020 Kid Schedule. You can download it, change it up, make it your own.

I invite you to follow along! Let’s share ideas and plenty of virtual hugs. Want to make sure you don’t miss a post? Sign up for my newsletter!

Let’d do this!



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