#Googleit Giveaway ~ We have a Winner! And another and another . . .

Who is the lucky teacher who will receive a classroom set or 25 copies of Google It: A History of Google . . . I turned to Name Picker Ninja to make the selection. The ninja randomly picked our grand prize winner. But then, it was kind of fun. I mean, you hit a button, then names scroll before your eyes, then colors flash. And wham! The ninja picks a random name. Kind of mesmerizing, honestly. So I picked three more teachers to receive a copy of the book! And then one more.

Wait, I have left you in suspense. In. Suspense.

Okay, drum roll, please. Our grand prize winner of a classroom set of TWENTY FIVE books is . . .

Our #Googleit Grand Prize Winner! Congrats Kristen!

And now. . . our first runner up, who also wins a copy of Google It: A History of Google . . .

Nicole, you won a copy of Google It: A History of Google!

And another . . .

Mike, you are the lucky winner of a copy of Google It: A History of Google!

Should we have one more? Yes, we should!

Melissa, You are a winner of a free copy of Google it!

Wait . . . one more? Yes, one more. Our final winner!

Jason, you are a lucky winner, too!


Congrats lucky winners. You can contact me through my website or DM on Twitter @AnnaRedding with your mailing addresses. Now, let’s all give MacKids and Feiwel & Friends some massive love for supporting teachers and librarians with this giveaway! Yay, teachers and librarians. Here’s to a great year! Oh, and stay tuned for more giveaways!