Toys They’ll Play with 365 days a Year!

Cape Elizabeth, Maine -It is a huge bummer when you spend good money on a toy that gets played with once. Huge. Expensive. Bummer.

But fear not, my friends. Here is a list of toys that your kids will actually play with 365 days a year. These super toys do exist.

Out of all the toys in the house… these are the hits, played with everyday. And what I like about them the most, they are all thinking toys. They all require imagination, intellectual risk taking, and creativity.

First on my list are MAGNATILES. At 50 bucks a box, Magnatiles are not inexpensive, but they are worth every penny. In my house these magnetic building tiles are played with every single day. And the age range is impressive. From age 9-months to 8-years-old, I’ve watched child after child lose themselves in playing architect and construction genius. Fine motor control, STEM, design, construction principals, and imaginative play are some of the perks that come standard with every box.

Next up is PIC-PAC from HABA – If I had a hammer and a nail…

Cork board + nails + shapes + hammer = win. This toy requires supervision but is one of the most sought after activities in our house. In this little box, storytelling marries fine motor control. Plus wielding a hammer makes the little people feel very grown up. This German-made toy is available at most independent toy stores and at Amazon as well.


Snap Circuits – While visiting Boston’s Museum of Science, some student researchers asked our then 5-year-old to participate in a research project. They observed him playing with Snap Circuits and made notes… and so did I.

This electrical engineering God-send is brilliant. Science, engineering, math, creativity, and a boost to the self esteem are just some of the rewards our children reap from this toy. Our 3-year-old even built a flying saucer project last week without any parental input.

While the box says age 8 and above, I assure you that, with direct supervision (since batteries are involved,) this toy will fascinate your kindergartners and first graders, too.


TOY KITCHEN– Our Maine-made toy kitchen is made out of an oft-forgotten material: wood. Expertly crafted, this kitchen is played with every day. The toy-maker ELVES and ANGELS delivers a product that feels like it was actually made at the North Pole.

THE RECYCLING BIN –  I’m not saying wrap up your trash and put in under the tree. BUT I am saying our recycling materials are turned into who knows what on a daily basis. And it’s amazing to see the boys come up with some pretty awesome inventions. This is giving me an idea… a box of cool recyclables and a Christmas morning challenge directly from Santa himself…hmmm.

From our playtime to yours, Happy Holidays!


note: These opinions are my own,  sponsorship and compensation free, just good old-fashioned information : )

If you have SuperToys to add to the list, please share them below!


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  1. katechurchesgmailcom

    Those snap circuits are awesome! My girls, age 8 and 6, love them! My 3rd grader recently had to study circuits in science, and I could tell the toy made a huge difference in her understanding of the subject.