The BEST Countdown to Christmas EVER!

Book Advent Calendar

Cape Elizabeth, Maine – Stop EVERYTHING and do this…. RIGHT NOW! People, I stumbled across an idea that has changed our countdown to Christmas. Instant family tradition material… to be passed down for generations.

Normally our Advent Calendar is filled with chocolate. NOT THIS YEAR.

Because someone mentioned a life changing concept… a BOOK. ADVENT. CALENDAR.

That’s right, TWENTY-FOUR books wrapped up under the tree. Each package labeled only with a number.

I know what you are thinking…. this sounds EXPENSIVE. Not so! This isn’t about getting 24 NEW books. This is about unwrapping a moment together under the tree. In our collection of 24 books, we have some brand-spanking new books, some gently used books (picked them up for a buck a piece), and books we already own. Friends, wrap up some library books!

Book Advent Calendar

Make it yours, make it perfect for your family. Let it reflect all the wonderful things you celebrate this time of year.

NO, this is NOT about getting 24 presents… this is about going on 24 adventures, together, all quietly waiting for us in the pages of a book. A surprise that takes us places…TOGETHER.

Now that we have a kindergartener in the house, his teacher is emphatic that we fan the flames of a true, deep, and abiding LOVE of LITERACY. I can’t think of a better way. BOOKS + ANTICIPATION + SPECIAL TIME TOGETHER + TWINKLY LITTLE LIGHTS = well, look at these faces…

Happy Readers!Happy Giggly Readers

Happy Holidays!