Tonight’s the Night! (and tomorrow night too)

Stargazers UNITE!

Stargazers UNITE!

The Perseid Meteor Shower peaks tonight and tomorrow night (August 11-12). Tonight, I am going to repeat one of the most FUN things I’ve ever done as a mom. And you can too. Wake your munchkin  up in the middle of the night and take that shocked little pumpkin outside to watch meteors streak across the sky. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? I mean, I just said, ‘wake up your sleeping munchkin.’ But let me tell you, it’s worth it. Our date to watch the meteor show last year was so spectacular. And that’s why tonight, just a couple of hours after my little man’s been sleeping, I’ll wake him up to watch it again.

This meteor shower is easy to find. Just look for the Perseus constellation. We use the iPhone app SkyView to find it in seconds. NASA also offers tips on viewing here. Then cuddle your munchkin and watch the show. Check out my blog from last year for all the details. Trust me, this is an opportunity to create a moment that will last forever.