Love at First Sight…underneath the South Carolina Aquarium

Love at First Sight

Charleston, South Carolina – The best part of the South Carolina Aquarium is the sea turtle hospital underneath it. For ten bucks extra at the ticket counter, they’ll give you a tour! And if you think your three-year-old is too young to get it, think again!

The window cut-outs in the tanks, give small children an optimum view and a chance to meet a recovering sea turtle.

Hello Turtle!

Those little pre-school brains will be filled to the brim with factoids about the types of turtles found along the shores of the Carolinas, what constitutes turtle food, and how to tell one type of turtle from the next.

Measuring up!

But even better? This is a chance for your children to fall in love with sea creatures they can help protect.

Sea Turtle Love

We also discovered there is an incredible network of “turtle friends” up and down the eastern seaboard who fly cold-stunned (and otherwise injured) turtles to this Charleston, South Carolina hospital.

Turtle Count

I love a morning that not only entertains us and educates but also inspires us to take care of the planet and its more vulnerable inhabitants.

Can’t visit? Flow their cool blog that details each turtle’s progress and journey back to health. Check out these fun sea turtle activities and crafts from our adventures during last summer’s Camp Mommy!

This stop is all part of the strange path we took to Maine! More to come!




  1. Ignite your child’s passion for our animal friends
  2. Science: Expose those spongy brains to wildlife, habitats and veterinary medicine.
  3. Personal Responsibility – your preschooler will love learning what he/she can do (or not do) at the beach to keep sea turtles safe!
  4. Fun! Get splashed by a sea turtle… we did!


  1. Pack your lunch. The aquarium’s outdoor picnic tables (just past the cafe) offer incredible views of the harbor and a working cargo wharf next door. Food selection is small so my advice is to bring your own. If you are visiting Charleston, stop by Bull Street Market (which is also located on King Street) and have them pack some sandwiches for you!
  2. Park in the parking garage and not at a meter. Parking ticket? Yes! God Bless them… Charlestonian Meter Maids could win an Olympic gold medal in the nasty sport of ticketing. Seriously.
  3. Bathrooms are clean and make it easy for little ones to wash their hands themselves. Yay!
  4. Worth noting, there is a serious energy zapping playground in the park directly across the street.