Bring your picnic basket and kids here…

Q running Sullivan's Island

Charleston, South Carolina – There are many beaches to choose from in the Charleston area. And the more you visit or the longer you live there, you find that there is something special about each one. Surfing at Folly Beach, bike paths and wide beaches at Kiawah, etc., etc.

Looking back at city of Charleston

Looking back at city of Charleston

But there is only one spot where you can have toes in the sand, and not only look back at Charleston’s harbor but also at Fort Sumter (where the Civil War began). That place is the little sliver of beach just in front of Fort Moultrie at the very far end of Sullivan’s Island.

Beach Tag at Sullivan's Island

It is the perfect spot for a picnic and chasing your children up and down the beach. That said this is where the rivers that feed the Charleston harbor dump into the ocean… so my children are not allowed to put so much as a toe in the water on this stretch. The currents are too dangerous. But travel a mile in the other direction and there are great spots for swimming (near station 21 where you can also walk to the town’s beachy fun restaurants.)


But if you are looking for a picnic spot, this one cannot be beat. It’s never crowded and you might even catch a glimpse of a container ship heading to port. You’ll be close enough to it to wave to the crew as it passes by.

MOMMY BRAIN FOOD: An intriguing fact about Fort Moultrie: Edgar Allan Poe was stationed there. His stay inspired some of his earlier works.