Sleds for Snow Covered Hills and Comfy Knits!

We are making the most of our long visit with winter! Building snowmen and acting the part : )

Frosty the Snowman

And sledding, too!

3 Amigos Sledding

This is what Southern people look like when they visit up North!

Inspired by this most treasured winter past-time, here’s a sewing project that brings sledding indoors. For the pants I used the Easy Fit Pants from the Scientific Seamstress. I simply added the strap and button to allow the pants to be rolled up for now and let out as Baby Q grows!

Sledding Outfit!

The sled applique embroidery design is from Planet Applique.

Quick, easy and so sweet!

Enjoy the snow… and the sewing!


P.S. There was a coordinating outfit for big brother, but to avoid being photographed, he stuck his finger up his nose. Quick thinking!