A Deep Freeze: Where Science and Decorating Collide!

Ace in the hole!

We are braving the cold with a science project that’s easy, fun and looks good enough to hang on the front door when you are finished! You can start with a nature walk or treasure hunt inside your own home.

Icy cold nature walk

You’ll put your goodies into a bunt pan and fill it with cold water.

Bunt pan with goodies from nature walk

We added a little ribbon which will allow us to hang this ices sculpture when it’s frozen.

Ready for deep freeze

If it’s cold enough, place the pan outside to freeze. If not, use your freezer.

My 3-year-old checked the pan every few hours to observe the progress.

Ice sculpture

Once frozen, the ice art will pop right out of the pan, ready for hanging!




  1. Science and nature fun
  2. Fine motor skills
  3. Analytic skills
  4. Exploration of the world around them
  5. Excercise