A Quiet Patch of Comfort

Patchwork Quilt fox trails

The big boy bed project left us lots of yummy scraps of all that wonderful Doohikey Designs fabric. This is from their Fox Trails line!

What better way to use those scraps than a patchwork quilt for Baby Q!

The first step was to prepare the scraps by cutting them into squares the same size. In some cases, I sewed scraps together to make this possible.

Detail Doohickey Designs Fox Trails Quilt

The next step was laying out the squares. This was the most challenging part of the project. It took time to make sure the fabrics were repeating in a pleasant way and not all clumped together.

I decided to break up the patch work with some orange fine-wale corduroy left over from Halloween’s past. It’s in the same color family as the orange in the prints, just a bit brighter which really worked out.

Instead of batting, I used a thick piece of double-sided flannel. This adds such a great weight to the quilt.

Finished patchwork quilt

Baby Q loves to point to the fun illustrations in this quilt like the camper, fire, mountains and fish.

If brothers ever share a room, it will be easy to coordinate.

And there is no sweeter reward for my hard work then watching my sweet little one quietly snuggled in a quilt made with so much love!



4 Responses to “A Quiet Patch of Comfort”

  1. sachensucherin

    Lovely! Maybe that was the final inspiration I needed to get working on my patchwork-project, started four years ago… Great blog, I’ll be for sure visiting more often 🙂