An Explorer Must Look the Part!

My 3-year-old and I love to imagine that he is the greatest explorer that ever there was…

Explorer in Action!

He’s got the curiosity, energy and enough questions to spark a lifetime of adventure… and now he even looks the part!

This ‘Explorer Vest’ pattern is from one of my favorite sewing books, Oliver and S: Little Things to Sew. If you read my blog regularly you may have noticed me gushing over this particular pattern/fabric/sewing maven. This is not a paid relationship. My love is true. And really she had me with her common sense, well written instructions. Not to mention the fact that her pattern pages don’t require origami expertise to return them to their envelope. And you always end up with a top-notch garment. Love. Love. Love. Check out the backpack project from her book!

To customize this project for my explorer, I made a few changes as I went along. This is a winter time project, so I added a layer of batting for warmth which worked out very well.

Explorer Vest in all its glory!

A monogram gives this vest a grown up feel which suits my little man!

Inside, is my favorite part of all… a message for my explorer!

Message for vest lining

The pockets are from a shirt my husband received as a gift a couple of years ago. It was like five sizes too big. Seriously. And though he had a disapointed look on his face while discovering his gift-gone-wrong… I didn’t! The fabric was a thick, yummy, warm, and soft flannel. I knew it would be mine… for sewing! So far I’ve made two pairs of pants and now these pockets. And there is still material left!

Explorer vest pockets

I removed this pocket in tact and sewed it right onto the vest. The other pockets are made from the instructions provided with this pattern!

The generous pocket sizes in this pattern, allow plenty of room for treasure.

This pocket across the back of the vest is a clever detail in the design!

This pocket across the back of the vest is a clever detail in the design!

In our case, we’ve filled those pockets with the kind of tools explorers need: a compass, magnifying glass, pocket microscope, and others. I found these accoutrement here at a Montessori based store, For Small Hands.

My explorer now stands a little taller and charges ahead with extra bravery. And I love it, love it, love it! That’s exactly what I was going for when I decided to move my family to Whoville. Mission accomplished.

Next up, I’ll tell you about a place where your explorer will feel right at home… on the wild frontier!



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  1. Liesl

    I love it! Excellent changes, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying out patterns. Thanks for the lovely post!