The Benefit of the Busy Travel Season

Whether you are visiting family far away or staying close to home, you can still enjoy this silver lining of crowded airports, full of passengers flying everywhere.

Pack lunch, load your kids into the car and head to the nearest private airport. It’s tailgate time. If you can find a private airport adjacent to the commercial airport, even better. You’ll have an incredible view of the planes and all other runway activities (right from their parking lot).

In addition to lunch, throw some binoculars into the car.

For little ones, ear protection is a good move. Private jets make a lot of noise. Plus, they’ll look the part!

Got a Smart Phone? Download an air traffic control app and listen to all the air traffic as you watch the planes land and take off. We use LiveATC and love it.

Have older children? Jot down the tail numbers of the planes you see and check out their flight plans by looking here at FlightAware.

We do this on a regular basis at our local airport but I also keep this idea handy when out-of-town and looking for something to do!


  1. Nurture a sense of adventure
  2. Introduction to aviation, travel
  3. Increase vocabulary
  4. Spark interest in the world and travel