Sewing for My Plumpkin Pumpkins

I’m a little behind schedule on the holiday clothing production – so when I made Baby Q’s Jack O’ Lantern longall, I made it reversible so this outfit can last through Thanksgiving. It’s a decision that gave a certain neurotic mommy great peace of mind.

This is my favorite Johnny Pattern from Children’s Corner, Inc. Making this for the first time? Check out my tutorial on how to make a Johnny!

It’s easy to make a longall reversible. The only difference is that you add a second set of buttons on the other side of the straps. You’ll want to sew these buttons on by hand, sewing in such a way that your buttons have a little give. Imagine enough space between the back of the button and the fabric to accommodate the thickness of your buttonhole tab. In other words, if you attack the buttons as snugly as possible, your buttonhole tabs won’t have space to neatly settle under the buttons when fastened.

For my 3-year-old, I coordinated his look by making pants out of same the plaid used in Baby Q’s longall. I bought an orange t-shirt and added the same pumpkin face applique from Planet Applique.

The other side is a fall pumpkin which can inspire thoughts of Halloween or Thanksgiving. To personalize it, add a monogram.

If you don’t have an embroidery machine, don’t despair. You can applique with a regular sewing machine. It’s not hard. If your machine has a zig zag stitch, then it can applique. My best advice is to take a short class to learn this technique. You can also check out this tutorial as well. The pants are the easy fit pants from Scientific Seamstress – a staple in our house for pajama bottoms and regular pants.

Now that we are ready for Halloween, here comes Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!!!



P.S. The coat featured in one of the pictures is the School Days Coat from Oliver + S – it is the one project where I relished sewing each step!

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  1. lori

    Love your tutorials on the Children’s Corner Johnny- have you done one where you show how to make it reversible? I’m sure I *could* figured it out! 🙂
    Also, when you use the scientific seamstress pants, do you take them in at all? I have seen some reviews that say they are too wide in the legs.

    Thank you!

    • patternmemommy

      Hi Lori! What a great idea for reversible Johnny tutorial! Until then, here are two tips. Instead of a lining and main fabric, you’ll have main fabric #1 and main fabric #2. Embellish each according to your idea (whether pockets, applique or monograms). You will follow all the same steps as you would for attaching lining and main fabric. The only other step is to add buttons to both sides of your button straps. First sew on buttons to your finished Johnny on main fabric #1. Then turn your Johnny inside out, and add buttons to the main fabric #2 side. Be sure that you place these buttons either just above or just below when main fabric #1 buttons are places. This will make the outfit more comfortable for your child (without a huge double sides heap of buttons on the shoulder). If questions, message me back!

      Regarding scientific seamstress… YES! When I cut out the pattern, I trim a 1/2 inch off of the side to eliminate that extra room.

      Hope this helps!!!


  2. Ginger

    Adorable outfits!!! Did you alter the easy fit pants pattern? They look super wide leg from the pictures on the pattern website but just look like normal casual pants on your pictures. Also, I can’t quite figure out plant applique. I have an embroidery/sewing machine and I think it can take a usb card but how does that translate to the downloads? The website doesn’t actually explain that part. I have soo enjoyed reading your blog as I’m trying to muster up the courage to start sewing for my sweet baby boy. Thanks!

  3. Ginger

    What type of embroidery machine do you have? I have a sewing machine/embroiderer combo. Would the planet appliqué products work on my machine or do you have to have a fancy schmancy embroiderer?

  4. Sarah

    May I ask what hoop size you used when you added the jack o lantern face appliqué to the orange longall? Planet appliqué offers it in three sizes, 4×4, 5×7, and 6×10. My machine only does 4×4 size and I’m trying to gauge how it would look on A 9 month size longall.

  5. Rebecca

    I always have trouble making the legs look neat. How do you make them look equally neat and finished when the outfit is reversible??