Beautiful Changing Leaves (and an easy way to celebrate them)

Here’s an easy way to celebrate fall with your little ones!

Our autumn tree is made up of a very special trunk! We painted C’s arm and hand and printed it on the page.

Trunk and branches made from arm and handprint!

For the leaves, I gave C a palette of fall paint colors and another plate full of torn up tissue paper (leftover from our JetPack project), scraps of orange corduroy, pieces of a brown lunch bag, and for apples… we used hole punches from red construction paper. He LOVED working with the hole puncher!

C drizzled glue throughout the branches of his tree.

He decided against thumb and finger prints for leaves and went with the plate of scraps.

This one is going in a frame!

Toddler Take-Aways:

  1. Connection between art and environment
  2. Fine motor skill development
  3. Sensory development
  4. One-on-one time with Mommy : )