Following Baby Q’s Lead

The best thing a pediatrician ever said to me was to follow my children’s interests. He said to pay close attention to what piques their interests and then immerse them in as much information and related experiences as those little sponge brains can absorb! In my house, that extends to what I am sewing for them!

Got an embroidery machine? I downloaded this applique from Applique Cafe and added a ‘Q’ to the book bag. To add texture, I used brown velveteen for the puppy!

One thing we already know about Baby Q. is that he loves dogs. When he sees one pass by, you’ll think he’s having a heart attack. He breathes so fast I’m not sure how he doesn’t pass out. Then he unleashes an ear-splitting squeal. He LOVES them. I am NOT prepared to get him a real puppy dog (seriously, I can only manage so many rear ends at once!) but I will put one on a longall/romper for him!

If you missed our Sew-Along for this pattern, you can check it out here! The main fabric is one of my father’s old Polo shirts! I chose a lining that would like great when the pants are rolled up (making them a little longer gives us a little more time in them).

When I went to the fabric store to talk buttons, the shop owners FORCED me to make covered buttons. I am not sure why, but I get so freaking intimidated to try something new… and so far, covering the buttons may be the easiest step I’ve ever taken in sewing. So, if you too are frightened, don’t be! For $2.50, you get a kit and instructions. Three minutes later, you are done!



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