Easy Peezy PJs!

Call me crazy (and many have) but it seems like my 3-year-old grows out of his PJs quicker than any other garment in his closet. Not only that, but the color fades quickly and the pajamas go from precious to plain dingy. ICK!

So, my answer is to make his pajama bottoms and pair them with a store-bought long sleeve t-shirt. I found a pattern that makes this VERY EASY and super fast. I wish I could tell you that I have timed myself from start to finish. But the very moment I had that first baby, was the last time I completed any task in one sitting.

This organic cotton is called Robot Factory, designed by Caleb Gray for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

BUT my best guess is, if undisturbed, I could make two or three pair in one hour. The pattern is the EASY FIT PANTS from Scientific Seamstress. This is a great pattern for beginners and the more advanced. The instructions come as a full color booklet – I mean that’s a revolution in sewing. I also use this to make regular pants for C.

This is C. NOT modeling his new Owl PJs!

TIP: When cutting out the pattern, I take 1/2 an inch off the sideline to ensure C doesn’t look like he’s wearing coolats.

With my model on strike, I had to photograph them the next morning, wrinkles and all : ) This fabric is Urban Zoologie Owls by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

This pattern does NOT have side seams which makes it particularly great for using prints because you don’t have to fuss with matching your prints. They also have a pattern size for adults. DISCLAIMER: I am writing about this pattern because it’s what I actually use, not because they are sponsoring me… but if they would like to….?

The best part about sewing these for my little man is that he really gets into the print. Last night he was hooting until he finally fell asleep!



P.S. The monkey fabric is also Urban Zoologie by Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

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  1. Amy

    So cute! I love how C is “modeling” (or not!)…also, the light green owl with the heavy eyelids is my favorite!