When the Back-to-School Bug Bites Back!

WARNING: If you haven’t had children yet and still envision a Hollywood style life as Mom and Dad, STOP READING NOW!

You know back in August when I was dreaming of back-to-school time, a little more time to myself to sew, write, etc… I’d forgotten about what happens when you send your sweet little germ magnet to visit, play and learn with the other precious little germ magnets… the germs mix, increase their strength and like a time-release capsule… wreak havoc on all that extra time you gained one illness at a time.

The tally: Croup 4, ear infection 2, stomach bug 2, extra time ZERO!

It’s the kind of week, where your little one proudly announces they are headed to the potty, and then way to much time goes by. As you go to check on them, you hear a faint and worried cry for help. So you throw open the door, crouch down next to the little sickie to provide comfort… and kneel in puddle of pee! This is the motherhood.

So, I’m just going to pour myself a glass of wine and drink to health. Whatever that is. And if health happens I’ll have more time to post new entries here, and have more of that special imaginary time just for me!