Jon Jon Sew-Along: Day 2

Another example of the Johnny Pattern. This one features a button-on tab front, which makes it super easy to button on a new one for Baby Q when he’s big enough for this hand-me-down!

Welcome back to my first Sew-along! If you missed the first day, no problem, click here to catch up. We are making a romper from the Children’s Corner Johnny pattern. Easy to make and to customize, you can fill their closets with longalls. At $60-80 a pop in stores, you are going to love being able to make this yourself and end up with a better product than you can buy. To set the record straight, the pattern maker is NOT sponsoring this sew-along. I picked this pattern because I love it and think you will, too. So let’s get going!

TODAY’S GOAL: Sew center front, center back and side seams of romper main fabric and lining, then attach main fabric to lining!

This where we left off yesterday. Front center seams and back center seams are pinned and ready to sew!

STEP ONE: Sew the center front seams.

STEP TWO: Sew back pieces together along back center seam. Press these seams open.

Close-up of seams pressed open.

STEP THREE: Repeat for lining.

NOTE: If you plan to embellish the front of the romper, now is the time. You can add a pocket (instructions included with your pattern), a monogram, applique, knee patches, etc. I will cover this in future blogs for sure. But for our first sew-along, I am keeping it simple. That said, since Baby Q is a boy and this owl fabric is working up on the feminine side of the things, I am going to use the embroidery machine and add a chunky Q to help this romper man up!

STEP FOUR: Now it’s time to attach the main fabric to the lining. You’ll want to stuff the lining inside the main fabric, RIGHT side to RIGHT side.

Lining is stuffed into main fabric shell. Notice raw seams on the outside and inside as RIGHT(pretty) sides are facing each other.

STEP FIVE: Pin around the neck, straps and arms. TIP: Pin at the top of the side seams first, then center seams, then tops of all four straps, then fill in the gaps with pins. This helps to keep the fabric together in all the important spots, the fabric evenly distributed. And you cannot over pin, but you can under pin and pay the price with fabric that shifts when you are sewing which means you’ll be ripping out a seam : (

STEP SIX: Sew the seam. Clip corners of straps, careful not to cut through the thread of the seams.

Clipping the corners of all four straps will makes nice corners when we turn them inside out!

Set aside until tomorrow when we finish our project! Also, I HATE snap tape, so I highly recommend buying an inexpensive snap setter tool and not just any inexpensive snap setter tool, but THIS ONE (again, not sponsors, I’ve just used the others and they are awful!). You’ll need size 16 long prong snaps. Here’s a source for them as well. Though please don’t miss this opportunity to support your local indie sewing store, they probably have both in stock or can order them for you : )

Until tomorrow! Oh, if you have questions or my instructions are not clear, PLEASE tell me! This is my first Sew-along so your feedback is so helpful! Click here to follow Day 3 instructions.



7 Responses to “Jon Jon Sew-Along: Day 2”

  1. Linda

    Your seam allowances appear larger than 1/4″ which is what my pattern calls for. Did you sew a 5/8″ seam.

    • patternmemommy

      Good eye! For middle front and middle back of Jon Jon (both lining and main fabric), my seams are 1/2 inch, simply because my children are narrower across shoulders. This prevents Jon Jon from slipping slightly off of their shoulders! Hope this helps!!


    Pattern mommy,
    I’m VERY new at this, so I was wondering if you could label your pictures a little more for the newbies (middle seam, etc) I’m not sure what all of it means. Even though most is self-explanatory, not all is! lol feel free to contact me with any extra tips 🙂 Again, I’m VERY new at this, so please forgive me! 🙂

    & for Linda’s comment above, your seams are 1/2″ in some spots? So…how did you make the seams different sizes going up the fabric without changing the shape of the fabric after cut? (Does that make sense?)


    • patternmemommy

      Hi Ashley,

      Welcome to the world of sewing. My best, very best advice, is to buy patterns from the Children’s Corner, Oliver + S and Scientific Seamstress. Their patterns are so well labeled and the instructions so clear, you will conquer your first garment in no time at all. If you have a specific question let me know. I also found with sewing, when I started, that sometimes I just had to follow the directions in blind faith. When I tried to visualize the pieces coming together – I couldn’t! You are going to love this journey and will be so proud of what you can make. Also, it can’t be understated the importance of locating your local independent sewing store. They are a wealth of information and help. Good luck!!!!!!


    • Linda

      Ashley I sewed the middle seams of the front and the back 1/2″. All of the other seams I sewed a 1/4″ seam. This does not change the shape of the garment, just makes it a little narrower.