Now What?!

Off he goes to preschool!

It’s hard to believe that summer is over! As usual, sending kids back-to-school produces a strange soup of feelings. You have the happy with the sad. Relief with the melancholy. Then there’s the happy-to-see-them-off paired with a flip floppy heart at pick up time because you’ve missed them so. The only other time I’ve had so many conflicting feelings on a regular basis was in junior high school!

This has been a great summer, a great adventure, and even more special because all of you joined us. Thank you for being a part of this journey!

So…ummm….now what?!

More adventures in parenting. More sewing (a lot more sewing). More cooking. More hits and misses of mommydom. So stick around …and if ever you have a question or an idea, please post it in the comments section!

Tomorrow, a fun and easy afterschool activity to engage their minds and expel their energy. And on Wednesday, our first sew along! Want to make a jon jon (longall) with me? You’ll need a copy of the Johnny Pattern from The Children’s Corner and supplies listed on the back of the pattern. You can easily find these at your local sewing store or order directly from the company by click on the link above. You’ll also need a roll of tracing paper from a craft store (and a #2 pencil). We’ll sew each step together and end up with a precious outfit for the little ones.

One more thing! Help me spread the word about PatternMeMommy. If you are enjoying the posts, please invite your mommy friends to join us.



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