Back-to-School Books to Fall in Love With

Kissing Hands!

Back to school time can be so complicated, can’t it? The schedule, the supplies, the relief, the separation anxiety for munchkin (and Mama). Part of how we are getting ready is by reading a lot about school. And there are some great books to spark the imagination and comfort little hearts (and big ones!)

As the picture up top suggests, we lovThe Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn This book gives children a fantastic tool to help them say goodbye by having mommy’s kisses in the palm of their little hands, to be planted on their chubby cheeks at will. Our edition even comes with heart shaped stickers to stick to your little one’s palms. But you can also draw little hearts onto the hands as a symbol of your love for them to look at throughout their school day.

Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton is another winner. It is illustrated with such whimsy, creating a world that’s fun to spend time in. This story can help children explore their fear of going to school as Splat the Cat experiences his own anxieties, which all melt away when a wild and unexpected school adventure reveals the upside of school time.

One of my favorite children’s books in the world is this one, Oh My Baby, Little One By Kathi Appelt and illustrated by Jane Dyer. This story is told in the sweetest rhyme. It is very well written and provides precious comfort for your little one. This is also a wonderful gift for mothers going back to work after maternity leave. Through the story of baby bird who is struggling to separate from Mama Bird, we learn that a mother’s love is ALWAYS with her baby. Not to repeat myself, but I LOVE THIS BOOK!

Skippyjon Jones, Class Action by Judy Schachner brings a zany fun to going to school. I am always amazed at how Schachner’s tales of this chihuahua wannabe fascinate and completely engross my son. This gives C. and I something to laugh about and turns our school talk from separation to silly with questions like, “will you be sure to tell me if you see any pigeons driving school buses?”

My last back-to-school buy for you is Laura Numeroff’s If You Take A Mouse to School. She is one of our most favorite authors and for good reason. Her books are special. And this one is no exception. The tale of a little mouse who, after making one demand and then another and another and another, can not be satisfied… wow, this sounds familiar. Reading this story not only offers a fun story in a school setting but a good opportunity to laughingly remind your little one when they are channeling the main character!