‘R’ is for Rocket!

And ‘C’ is for croup! Baby Q and I had a midnight to 3AM mommy-baby date at the ER this weekend. One massive dose of steroids later, he was breathing like a champ. It was my first trip to ER as mom and Q’s first trip at all. As a bonus, he witnessed his first perp walk (when policeman leads perpetrator away in handcuffs!) Much of my former professional life was devoted to capturing the perp walk on camera! A rite of passage, I’d say, for the child of two journalists! Since we didn’t see any gun shot victims and didn’t have to stay for more than 3 hours, I’d say we got out unscathed. Baby Q is feeling much better!

As for the letter ‘R.’ Inspired by the PBS show Word World, we fashioned a rocket out of the letter ‘R!’

Made of construction paper, blue cellophane, and aluminum foil.

Also, I have stumbled onto a fun way to teach my 3-year-old the sounds that each letter makes. First, you have to understand his favorite song in the universe is “Jingle Bells.” He learned it last Christmas and that song hasn’t released its grip on that busy brain since. So we are singing that tune, using only the ‘R’ sounds. He gets into it and takes a step closer to reading. Fun.

Also, Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker is a perfect space book for C’s age. We really enjoyed it. It’s simple and reinforces what we’re learning!