A Puzzler

Our voyage has taken us deep into Space by now. In addition to exploring the solar system through crafts, books, and science experiments… there is also play. This one is for my friends with craft aversions. No glue, tissue paper, paper plates or construction paper were used in the making of this post!

Solar System Floor Puzzle by Melissa and Doug

I found this Solar System Puzzle by Melissa and Doug and it’s the perfect size for Crowley. It’s just beyond his reach in terms of being able to put it together by himself so we work on it together looking for clues on which pieces belong together. It’s a great time for us to connect and he’s quickly figuring out how to do it all by himself.

C and his friend Liza are hard at work trying to put the planets in place.

There are a lot of great Space toys out there. As we play with some of them along our journey, I’ll let you know which are winners and losers. But I can tell you that I love buying puzzles for him because they are never one hit wonders. C really has to use his noggin to put them together each and every time. They will offer different types of challenges for a few years which is a lot better than the latest plastic junk toy that fascinates for a week. Not to mention, putting a puzzle together is a quiet experience which I really enjoy!


  1. Problem Solving
  2. Cooperation
  3. Science Exploration
  4. Hand-eye coordination
  5. Independence
  6. Spatial relationships