Letters in Space

Now that we have our brilliant night sky, time to fill it up with space words, images and letters! We are starting the letter ‘A.’

‘A’ is for Alien!!!!

I love him so much, we made three more. And stuck them on Mars as… drumroll please… Martians. No brainer.

A is for asteroid…

‘A’ is for Asteroid

We simply used paint sponges for the asteroids since they are craggy looking.

C rolled the sponges in paint and we glued them to a letter ‘A’ made from construction paper. Easy!

Inspired by this incredible 3-D paper crafting, we simplified the concept and made an astronaut in the shape of the letter ‘A.’

And we did so while watching the moon landing on YouTube which Crowley got the biggest kick out of!


  1. Letter recognition
  2. Reading foundation
  3. Creative Development
  4. Increased awareness of Space, science and history of space exploration.
  5. Sensory work
  6. Fine motor skill development
  7. New vocabulary!

More Space adventures tomorrow!