Toddler + Arrow + Target = Fun

Perhaps ‘toddler’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think of archery. But today’s Olympic activity has me convinced otherwise!  I found this idea on Toddler Approved and knew it would be a hit at my house.


1. Paper

2. Coloring implement of your choice

3. Paint

4. BBQ Skewer

5. Cork

6. (Optional) Cardboard backing for your target. Nail and hammer to attach to tree.


1. Show your lil’ pumpkin what they are aiming for. We checked out these videos at NBC. (and note to friends who edited this video. More arrows flying through the air. Less white guys talking about it)

2. Draw your target. Attach to cardboard for support and nail it to a tree.

3. Skewer your cork (about mid way through the cork)

4. Dip end in paint (we used an old apple sauce cup to hold paint)

5. Throw that arrow

Repeat! All morning! Fun!


Hand-eye coordination, target practice, creative arts, exposure to a new sport and old fashioned fresh air : )