Our Own DIY Construction Site

Our Olympic love-fest continues. Yesterday we showed some love for London’s construction of the Olympic village and other venues with our “If You Build It…” post. Today we are making our own construction site! I first saw this idea on the blog Happy Hooligans and was waiting for a chance to plug this sensory bin activity into our Camp Mommy line up! This is it.

Start with a nature walk. We found sticks, rocks, moss and prickly seed pods for our job site.

We added one package of mini trucks…

…some Lego labor…

…and traffic signs.

Add some dirt from a pot full of plants I managed to kill. Put that into an aluminum roasting pan or any container and Voila! A morning of fun!


  1. Independent Play – I provide the elements and help him get started, then I stay out of it as C develops his own style of imaginative play.
  2. Sensory Experience – There are a bunch of different textures in this bin and every now and again, I ask him about each one. It helps him learn to work with different materials and describe them.

Easy and fun! Enjoy!