Easy Olympic Fun for a Super Hot Day!

Want three quick ways to keep the little ones cool, entertained, and in the Olympic spirit?

All you need is:

  1. Water filled balloons
  2. Side walk chalk

Challenge 1:

Munchkins must try to walk a short distance, holding the water balloons between their knees. This is so fun to watch and a big challenge for them.

Challenge 2:

Draw the Olympic rings on your driveway or sidewalk. We talked about what they mean, but I am pretty sure this went right over their heads. The foundation is laid for later Eureka moments. Call out a color and have the munchkins toss their water balloons into the appropriate colored ring.

Challenge 3:

STOMP FEST – the munchkins came up with this one on their own.

At the end of your games, stomp the balloons! Bathing suits required!

WHAT YOUR CHILDREN GET OUT OF IT: gross motor skill development, color recognition practice, hand-eye coordination and plenty of fun!

Prizes from $1 prize bucket followed which made them soooo happy, which has me rethinking what is spent at the holidays 🙂

Have fun!