I Spy an Enemy Ship on the Horizon…

In our garage is what’s shaping up to be the most amazing pirate ship ever built… out of cardboard. Seriously, you are going to love it! At Camp Mommy, our week days have been filled with ocean exploration from crafts to science to reading, baking, and more. But on the weekends, it’s time for father-son magic. Crowley and his dad have spent hours creating the Conch E. Conch, an incredible pirate ship. Full tour to come! Along with details on how they did it.

But before a pirate can set sail, he needs a few things. First, a spy glass! So, armed with a cardboard paper towel tube and a sheet of printer paper, we get to work. Here’s what your official supply list:

  1. Paper towel tube
  2. Printer paper (1 sheet)
  3. Glue stick
  4. Elmer’s glue
  5. Sheet of black construction paper
  6. Crayons/paints/or other coloring tool of choice

STEP ONE: Color your sheet of printer paper. This will be the outside layer of your spyglass.

STEP TWO: Using glue stick, cover back of printer paper.

STEP THREE: Place paper towel tube down onto long edge of printer paper, leaving about 1/4 inch hanging over the edge of the tube.

STEP FOUR: Attach paper to tube by rolling tube.

STEP FIVE: Using Elmer’s glue, squirt a line of glue on the inside edge of printer paper left hanging off tube

Ring the edge of the paper with glue

STEP SIX: Fold that glue covered edge down, into the tube.

Folding the edge down into the tube, gives your matey’s spyglass a more finished look!

STEP SEVEN:  Cut  a rectangle of construction paper wide enough to cover the end of the spyglass for a two-tone look.

REPEAT STEPS 3-6 for the end where you are attaching the construction paper.

You are done!

By the way, the pirate hat Crowley’s wearing up top comes from one of my new favorite web sites, 2TeachingMommies.com. It’s part of a FREE pirate activity printable pack that includes cool looking worksheets for pre-writers, recognizing patterns, shapes, and working with numbers and letters. Crowley and I call them our pirate games! He loves them and I get excited about how much of the activities he can do.

Tomorrow, more easy pirate gear for your munchkin!