Temps High. Patience Low. Keep ’em Happy and Cool Inside!

This weekend, the temps here will reach 103 and it’s only JUNE! Okay, it’s almost July. But this is extreme heat even if it were August!

So here’s a list of 10 things you can do with the munchkins inside! Here’s to keeping the mini-mes cool and happy so mommy or daddy doesn’t go off the deep end.

1. Make your own Portholes! You can attach them to a submarine or a ship… or simply hang them from the ceiling. Click here for complete instructions. This is a fun one for children of all ages.

2. Hunt for Shark’s Teeth.

3. Paint their little hands and feet and make these awesome sea friends with their tracks!

4. Make a sea turtle, then adopt one!

5. Grab a paper lunch bag and some paint and make a whale!

6. Make chocolate pops. This is a kitchen project that doesn’t require turning on the stove or oven. And your toddler is capable of doing this with just a little help from you! (Please do not hold me responsible when said child is bouncing off the walls after eating this delicious craft. My advice? Make. Eat. Leave child with grandparent.)

7. Ice treasure hunt! If it’s too hot to do this outside. Set up ice treasure in the bath tub!

8. Movie Morning! or afternoon! Or night! or Marathon! These are the ocean related movies we’ve been watching this month. Finding Nemo, A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventure, The Magic School Bus Catches a Wave, The Little Mermaid, The Backyardigans: Surf’s Up! THe Backyardigans – Pirate Treasure.

9. Make your own July Fourth decorations! Here are I few ideas we’ll be trying from Pinterest.

10. Beach Ball Bonanza – Move the furniture. Put away the collectibles. And teach your little one to keep that beach ball in the air as long as possible. This WEARS CROWLEY RIGHT OUT in no time at all! Guess what we’ll be doing today?! You can get a beach ball at he dollar store or Target for a buck. Awesome!

Good Luck!