PIRATES! …Arrgh! Let’s Eat Them!

Let’s just face the facts. Since becoming a mom… the days of a perfectly straight house, ironed guest sheets, project started and completed, laundry done, gourmet dinner cooking (as soon as I get back from my manicure)… they are OVER! At least for now in this very, very heavenly/demanding/depleting/stuff dreams-are-made-of infant/toddler phase.

And let me state for the record that I would NOT have it any other way.

That said, on a regular Saturday, when you just stumble onto greatness, and that greatness is easy to attain and I mean E-A-S-Y… now that is a very special little holiday from reality. And I really enjoyed it. Especially when Crowley saw it and said, “Wow!” So, here it is, the pirate cake… I mean the pirate CAKES. Plural. Two. May it inspire you to try it and I have this EASY moment for yourself too!

After the icing is set, you can use the top of a wafer to stamp the deck with this cool pattern.

I found the idea from the Disney Family Fun website. They have easy to follow instructions. The ship is basically made out of two halves of a round cake. You use the icing to marry those two pieces. Honestly, check out the instructions. You will be surprised. Nothing to this.

TIP: I also put a glob of icing under the cake to fix it to the platter, allowing for more stability.

A couple of things I did differently. Instead of using skewers alone for the masts, I put the skewer through the center of long wafers. Hidden inside the cake, the skewers attach the mast to the ship.

I chose these cookies for mast, cannons and cargo!

The gold coins can be found at Amazon.com but if you want Chocolate coins, I spied some at The Fresh Market. I found all of the cookies/wafers at Earthfare. The cannon balls are chocolate caramels.

The pirates are from a Pirate Toob by Safari and are lead and phthalate free.

The sails are made from craft foam.

Crowley stenciled the skull and crossbones which was a GREAT exercise, learning to simply tap-tap tap. The Jolly Roger was intended for a pirate hat. When placing said hat on Crowley’s head, it ripped and was ruined. That was not a moment of greatness. But I’ll get to an easy, easy pirate hat idea (that does work) this week! Enjoy!

Happy Monday!


p.s. Though we made this cake as part of our ocean learning, wouldn’t this cake be fantastic for a pirate birthday party or play date?

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