Teach them… with Chocolate!

Crowley’s first taste of Chocolate

Ever since his very first bite, there is no food Crowley loves more than chocolate. It is a word he could not yet say when he first tasted that rich sweetness. So with a love struck look in his eye, he named it ‘ChaCha.’  To his day in our home we say and eat “ChaCha.”

And there is no easier way to teach my little man than through his confection obsession. So we are making chocolate pops molded into the shapes of sea creatures.

And spoiler alert… this is by far the EASIEST thing we’ve attempted. Also, Crowley did nearly all of the work! (He also ate all the work.) So while the result is impressive looking, don’t be intimidated.

Personally, had I known it was this easy, I would have done this for every holiday and birthday party as favors!

Visit your nearest kitchen supply or craft store for these items (we shopped at Michael’s):

  1. Chocolate/soft candy mold in sea shapes
  2. One bag of chocolate candy melts. (Feel free to get other colors. They come in a rainbow of choices.)
  3. Disposable candy melt bags
  4. Lollipop sticks

All of these supplies are listed on the instructions on the back of your candy/chocolate mold tray.

Have your child fill the pastry bag with candy melts.

Twist the end closed.

Microwave at 50% power for 30 seconds.

Holding the twist top of the bag closed, have your child knead the chocolate through the bag.

Repeat last two steps as necessary for the chocolate to reach your desired consistency.

Sneak a taste of the ChaCha

Now cut of the tip of the bag and let your child fill the molds with the chocolate ooze!

Note: They will flood and overflow the mold. This is easily fixed at the end.

Now if you are doing this by yourself. Go ahead and take care to tap air bubbles out of chocolate.

Place sticks half way up into chocolate candy and gently turn the stick so that it is coated in chocolate.

Place in fridge to set.

Once set, easily pop out of mold.

PARENTS ONLY: Trim the excess around the edges with a knife.


These were delicious enough to share!

Crowley, his friend Jack and Jack’s little brother Hunter (too young to eat ChaCha -thus sadness)…