When Swimming in a Sea O’ Handprints is a Good Thing!

We’ve got the ocean! The beach! The Submarine! And a reading Sea Snake! What’s next?

Lots and lots of handprints! This school of fish is an easy and fun way to populate your sea.

School of hands…

I chose to print these golden fish onto construction paper so that they would show up better when placed in our ocean.

Here’s an easy Octopus. Two handprints. Palm on top of palm. For those of you as sleep deprived as me, don’t forget to only paint your child’s fingers. No thumbs! Adding numbers after the fact was a great way for Crowley and I to work on his counting.

When the opportunity is right in front of me, I use numbering as part of the adventure…

I just LOVE this lobster. We placed him on the beach to add some color to the sand. Two hand prints and a footprint and voila! We used a black marker to add eyes and segments.


Looking for a great way to incorporate reading? Try this one!

Happy Hand Printing!


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  1. Marion Crowley Scherger

    As a second grade teacher, I am very impressed with all your crafts. We do a big ocean unit at the end of the year————-Out With A Splash! One writing workshop that I attended encourages labeling the drawings. A fun activity is to paint a whole fish and then press newsprint on top for a fish print!

    Have Fun. Marion